Best Hunting app.

Q. Why does PointHunter free?
A. Every hunter needs this.  Get it now to not miss out on opportunities.  Hopefully it helps some kids get a few great tags as well.

Q. Why do you need my SSN Number?
A. It isn’t required to show you your points, as you can enter your customer ID for each state instead. Supplying your SS# allows us to automatically show you your data for each state so you only have to supply your information once. When you apply for hunts the states require your SS# so we must have it in order to submit your applications for you. We store your data in a secure PCI compliant system. We can assure you that it is safe.

Q. Will GotMyTag sell or give others access to my personal information?
A. No, GotMyTag will never share any of this information with anyone. All of your data is kept in a secure cloud database. GotMyTag data is PCI compliant.

Q. Why is my state, or “x” state not available.
A. More states are in our plans. Please contact us with any questions.

Q. Some states are not showing my points.  I am sure I have them.

A. It is possible that you have moved and maybe the points are under another zip code. you can go to the states and make all the zip codes match.  But some states do not update the points systems quickly so it still may not work.  There is a feature we call family plan where you can have more than 1 user and you can make it so that the system thinks you are a new user but have a different zip code or last name etc.  This is very useful for those who have gotten married and need two names for a little bit.10356201_321444218011067_174312159759360277_n